DJ Kiren is hands down extremely talented in what he does. He was the DJ at my wedding in June 2018 and everyone who attended could not stay away from the dance floor! For my husband and I, the entertainment and music was important to us and was one vendor that we took time in searching for. Upon our search, we came across DJ Kiren and besides choosing to get married lol, he was one of our best decisions we made as a couple! His passion and love for what he does was evident in the way he played all the songs in a smooth manner without any abrupt changes. He took time to demo his work and was a pleasure to work with from our first meeting! With other agencies, although their reputation is high due to their name, I have witnessed abrupt changes in genres of songs which killed the mood and people vacated the floor. But with Kiren, he REALLY knows what he’s doing and synchronized songs from traditional music to oldies to popular playlists. We can’t thank him enough! I highly recommend him for ANY parties as I will definitely be seeking his services again in the near future! Thank you Dj Kiren for your outstanding performance!! Dulik and Lauretta