You did a fantastic job at our wedding. We had a mixed group of family and friends with different backgrounds and interests, and Kiren proved himself an expert at reading the audience, their mood and playing music that appealed to everyone in our unique crowd. Even our wedding minister commented on how well the music filled the night and how the transitions between songs were smooth.
Upon our request, Kiren compiled together tracks from every style of music and taste you can think of from Hindi Bollywood and Soca to 50s Oldies and 90s Dance. Kiren was monumental in helping us with our first dance by making us time our movements as well as developing a whole new cut of the two inspired tracks we wanted to use. Kiren combines different tracks and transitions smoothly from one song to another all the while keeping a keen eye on how the guests react and who’s filling up the dance floor at that moment. You won’t just get a DJ playing the same old songs you hear at every other wedding, you will get a customized dance party! We cannot say enough about how much we enjoyed the entertainment and how well he worked with us on the day to make everything go as smoothly as possible.

The best part of having DJ Kiren is the ease with which he wins you over with his own comfortable style and good positive energy. He’s a gentleman with great customer service and a charming outward personality. Also, how can one not be won over by a guy who uses his own child’s voice for a theme drop to help market his trade.
We would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat. Thank you so much Kiren for making our wedding such a success.