It was a pleasure working with DJ Kiren for our wedding reception. It was important to us that our wedding reception be a fusion of cultures, as I am Punjabi and my wife is Albanian. DJ Kiren worked with us to ensure that both cultures were represented in a seamless fashion. He met with us several times to discuss the itinerary, gave us tips of what works well in wedding programs based on his experience, reinforced the importance of being “present” that day and to not sweat the small stuff. If I were to choose one thing stands out to me in DJ Kiren’s service, it would be his way of interacting with the wedding party and guests. For example, just before the wedding party made their entrances, DJ Kiren was able to get them hyped up and excited, which really added another dimension to the energy of their entrances. When you hire DJ Kiren, you are not only getting a DJ, you are getting an experienced professional in the wedding industry.

Jesse & Erida