“My wedding day was hectic. Nothing was going as planned. I was running behind, my stress levels had peaked and I had just had, what I believe to be an emotional break when Kiren came in to set up. I was a miserable mess and he was upbeat and brought me out of my matrimonial funk. Now I’m a person who goes through life with a tune in my head and the playlist that Kiren came up with was the ultimate stress buster. My husband and myself listen to completely different eras of music (oldie goldies from the 50s-60s and 90 R&B) but the blend was so seamless and carefree that it is still playing in my head all now, more than a month later. Our wedding was a smaller backyard affair but everyone’s tastes were catered to from me and hubby to my salsa dancing sister’s family and my tween niece and nephews and even my grandparents in their 70s, all our guests were up and moving at various points and those who couldn’t dance were still able to converse. Our night couldn’t have been what it was with out you Kiren. Thank you!”

Marie (Irene) & Antonio